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One of the biggest selling points of glass is actually it’s invisibility.  While glass installations can be a spectacular focal point, it is often it’s transparency, ability to allow light to inflitrate spaces and create a sense of openness that is it’s biggest selling point.

Our products are custom made to meet Australian Standards and installed by our local experienced and professional staff.

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Frameless Shower Screens

Frameless shower screens provide a seemless installation in your bathroom or ensuite that creates a sense of space and light.  Their minimalistic design provides a simple elegance and allows a focus on other features installed (such as tiles and taps).

 The 10mm toughened glass with polished edges can be installed as either sliding, hinged or fixed panels, complimented by a range of fittings and channels to match other design features of the room.  

With no difficult parts to clean, a frameless shower screen is easy to clean and maintain while keeping water in your shower recess.

Contact us to discuss the range of styles of frameless shower screens with you at your free measure and quote.

Semi Frameless Shower Screen

Semi Frameless Shower Screen are only framed at points where the panels meet the surrounding shower assembly, creating additional bracing while maintaining a stylish and spacious look.

Manufacture from 6mm toughened glass, with a combination of polished exposed glass edges and aluminium trim (available in a range of colours),  semi-frameless shower screens are available with either pivot or sliding doors.

From a price point, they provide a fantastic mid point between frameless and framed shower screens while achieving contemporary design and functionality that tends to be more water-tight than a fully frameless shower screen.

Contact us to discuss the range of styles of  semi-frameless shower screens with you at your free measure and quote.

Framed Shower Screens

Framed Shower Screens have all edges of the Grade A safety glass enclosed in aluminium trim (available in a range of colours),  with a full length handled moulded into the frame of the pivot door.  The colour of trim chosen is often a neutral colour to match or blend with other bathroom fixtures, but  on occasion is chosen as a striking contract design feature in it’s own right.

As the most cost effective and waterproof option, framed showers are a popular choice in both new homes and renovations.

Contact us to discuss the range of styles of  semi-frameless shower screens with you at your free measure and quote.


Mirrors are often used as both functional and decorative components of a room, creating an illusion of more space as well as brightening a room through light reflection.

The size of a mirror installation will depend on the purpose of it’s installation; whether it be purely a functional object, a focal point, an accent or background.  

Used in bathrooms, bedrooms and kitchens the use of mirrors throughout a home is becoming an increasing trend.

Our consultant will be happy to provide suggestions when meeting with you for a wardrobe or screen  free measure and quote.


Glass balustrades add a touch of sophistication and create and open, airy feel to any building they are fitted in.  Minimal framing impeding vision will enhance your view, while allowing unobstructed light to come indoors.  Glass balustrades also can provide a wind break and  protection from the elements allowing more use of your outdoor spaces.

With a diverse range of installation styles available, the design versatility of a glass balustrades makes it the perfect accompaniment to most materials, irrespective of the building age or period. From a practical perspective, glass balustrade are strong, durable, and easy to maintain and clean. Contact us to discuss the range of balustrade styles available and book a  free measure and quote.
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